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pon systems are connector and rod systems with magnetic connection. The intelligent connector is made of precision-cast special steel, and the rods of a high-strength yet elastic special aluminum alloy.
Project: BMVBS - AMI Design: Designbuero Michael Huebner SYSTEM: pila , clic , pon SIZE: 650 m2
Project: Burkhardt Leitner constructiv Design: Burkhardt Leitner constructiv, Stuttgart SYSTEM: pila , pon SIZE: 1000 m2
Project: PONderosa, Berlin Design: Michael Hübner, Gold-Konzeption, Burkhardt Leitner constructiv SYSTEM: pon SIZE: - m2
Project: China International Furniture Fair, Guangzhou, China Design: Burkhardt Leitner constructiv, Shanghai SYSTEM: pila , pon SIZE: 700 m2
Project: SOCAR Design: Terminal Design SYSTEM: pon , planner SIZE: 81 m2
Project: raumPROBE OHG – contractworld, Hanover Design: raumPROBE OHG, Stuttgart SYSTEM: pon SIZE: 25 m2
Project: 11mSpace - Exponatec 2006, Cologne Design: Burkhardt Leitner Constructiv SYSTEM: pon SIZE: 24 m2
Project: Gyeonggi Provincial Museum Design: Design IGA², Seoul SYSTEM: pila , pon SIZE: 180 m2
Project: Color Add Design: Miguel Neiva, Outros Mercadus SYSTEM: pon SIZE: 50 m2
Project: Estée Lauder – Clinique Design: Arista diseño, s. l., Bilbao SYSTEM: pon SIZE: 6 m2
Project:, Hamburg Design: artefakt-hamburg SYSTEM: pon , pila , clic SIZE: 70 m2
Project: Showroom Gétaz Romang SA Design: m design mijat, Andreas Messerli AG SYSTEM: pila , pon SIZE: 3800 m2
Project: Retailpartners AG – emex Design: Retailpartners, Andreas Messerli SYSTEM: clic , pila , pon SIZE: 150 m2
Project: Office Matters - contractworld, Hanover Design: Burkhardt Leitner constructiv SYSTEM: pon SIZE: 100 m2
Project: Architektenkammer NRW – DEUBAU Design: D’Art Design Gruppe, Neuss Schirwon Messekonzepte mit Format SYSTEM: pon SIZE: 78 m2
Project: Gilead Sciences GmbH – DOEAK Design: Heilmaier GmbH Messedesign SYSTEM: pon SIZE: 78 m2
Project: Helmut Goll GmbH - Fensterbau/Frontale, Nuernberg Design: vorsprung Messebau & Consulting OG, Lustenau SYSTEM: pon , pila petite SIZE: 120 m2
Project: Matsu Group - 100% Design Shanghai Design: Matsu Group, Shanghai SYSTEM: pon SIZE: 20 m2
Project: Barskidesign - Euromold, Frankfurt Design: artefakt-offenbach; Barskidesign SYSTEM: pon SIZE: 18 m2
Project: P&G 25th year exhibition, Istinye Mall Istanbul Design: Terminal Design Team, İstanbul SYSTEM: pon , pon round SIZE: 80 m2
Project: Canakkale Kent Museum Design: Akin Nalca Design Team, Eyüp Görgüler SYSTEM: pon , clic , pila SIZE: 250 m2
Project: SWU Stadtwerke Ulm/Neu-Ulm GmbH Design: Iraci visuelle Medien GmbH SYSTEM: pon SIZE: 108 m2